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Thoughtful Thursdays #219 – Talking To Yourself


What is your inner dialogue like? Do you say harsh things to yourself like : boy are you stupid, you can’t do anything right, you are so slow, what’s wrong with you, you will never fit in, you are fat, you’ll never be attractive.

These words you say to yourself are just as damaging as if someone actually said them to you. We can speculate where we learned to talk to ourselves like this but truthfully you are in control now.

The habit of talking to yourself negatively does not go away quickly. If you can say one positive statement to yourself in a day you will be on your way to being kind and compassionate to yourself.

It’s very hard to be a positive contributing human if we are secretly harboring self hate. Work up to more and more positive self talk and you will see a difference in your external world too.

Just in case you didn’t hear it today, you are doing a great job in all your efforts.

Thoughtful Thursdays #94 – Self Talk


How do you speak to yourself? Harshly, with poison or venom. Stop it now. You must pay attention to how you speak to yourself. If you speak badly to yourself you weaken your mind, You become hopeless.

Make an effort to examine your self talk. What good things are happening in your life? Focus on that. Be kinder to yourself than you would a guest. You are the one who will take you to where you want to be. No one else can do that.

You are worth the effort. You are talented, You are more than capable in meeting any challange.

Believe in yourself.

The world needs you.