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Thoughtful Thursdays #76 – Doors


There seems to be something enormous affecting everyones life.It’s and invisable door.

I am not sure what it is. I know it is not a dieity. It doesn’t matter how many prayers you say, spells you cast or sacrifices one makes, or positive thinking affirmation we use, none of it works permanently.  What is meant to happen will happen.

Ever notice how the movement of life is always in charge. We can call it a name but it is beyond that.

Between our free will and the natural expression of life we are constantly lead to the next level. We can cooperate or kick and scream but either way, we are lead forward through a door to our future.

Happy travels.

Unanswered Prayers


Prayers go unanswered either because it is not in your destiny to have the prayer answered.

Or it can mean it is not time. It is hard to know which is which.

So what is one to do.

Have faith and keep your awareness open

and trust all will work out for the best.