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The Ultimate Gift


What is the one most important, free and easiest gift to give? What is the one thing you can give to help, heal or encourage someone?


Give your words openly or silently to the object of your attention.

Every word you utter is sent out.

So make your words positive, loving and encouraging.

Then magic will happen.

G. Piazza

Maybe someone out there can help me.


I live in Queens, NY and the landlord in my building has shut off the heat, hot water and now we have no water. I have been to court many times over the past 15 months and to no avail we still have no services. Today I am going to court again for this.  I have contacted every court and agency I can think of. This is all part of an illegal eviction because the owners are divorcing. Even my councilman can’t seem to help. Is there anyone out there that can give me some ideas for the next step?