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In relationships  we recognize who we are and are not. What we have and what we do not have.  We either hide from this information or we embrace it.

All relationships are laboratories for personal growth.

No one can grow with out relationships.

Do your best to reach out and grow.

g. piazza


So, we ban things from airplanes not because they are dangerous, but because they frighten us. We avoid writing, or sales calls, or inventing or performing or engaging not because we can’t do it, but because it might not work. We don’t interact with strange ideas, new cuisines or people who share different values because those interactions might make us uncomfortable…

Funny looking tomatoes, people who don’t look like us, interactions where we might not get a yes…

Growth is messy and dangerous. Life is messy and dangerous. When we insist on a guarantee, an ever-increasing standard in everything we measure and a Hollywood ending, we get none of those.
from Seth Godin