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Thoughtful Thursday #318 – Keep Trying


I had lots of problems with posting on my blog for the past few weeks, don’t know what happened but I can’t us Chrome any more. I can only post from Microsoft Edge.

I spent hours with a tech and he kept saying that it was something that I was doing wrong, he would not take into consideration that I have been posting on this blog for many years.

So I tried some of his suggestions and of course they didn’t work. I contacted WordPress again and this time a tech who had much more patience figured out what the problem was, she didn’t explain exactly why the changes occurred but at least I can post again.

In the past I would have given up right away, however now I can be patient enough to see these types of frustrating situations through to the end.

When I can tolerate some discomfort and come out on the other side of it I feel accomplished and that boosts my self esteem.

So don’t give up, do good for your self and keep trying.

Thoughtful Thursdays #197 – Art


Art can be many things, for example, like painting, writing, singing, cooking, fashion, music, etc. Creativity in the arts is subjective. The beauty or chaos of the creation belongs to the beholder.

There is a place in this world for everyone’s creations. There is someone or many someones that will resonate with what you create. Whether it’s a painting or an article or a cake, there will be those that love it.

Therefore, as creative creatures we must never give up in creating and sharing our creations with the world at large. Share your creations on a blog, on Facebook, your family, friends or neighbors. Share what you have, someone needs to see it, perhaps to brighten their day.

And if you get a negative remark on your creation, just brush it off. Remarks are from those who are either jealous, out of touch with the beauty in any creation, or just plain miserable. Don’t let that bring you down. Keep creating and keep showing.

The world needs your creativity.