Thoughtful Thursday – #224 – What’s Wrong With Me?


You feel sad, people are rude, you are munching on junk food, your bag of chips is empty and you are down in the dumps.

Well pumpkin, take heart, humans have feelings, some can be explained and some are random. You have permission to be human, you don’t have to control your feelings.

Try to let feelings move through you before reacting. Acknowledge those uncomfortable feelings and release them. Will you be able to do this on a first try? Nope. Try as many times as you need to.

Feelings have life spans, some are quick, some last a while, some seem to never go away. Resist the urge to analyze every feeling or thought.

Here are some suggestions for self-care while you are feeling a little or a lot off.

  1. talk kindly and with compassion to yourself.
  2. it’s OK to feel your feelings.
  3. read a book.
  4. listen to music.
  5. find a healthy distraction like cute animal videos, take a walk in nature, go to a gym.
  6. talk to a trusted friend.
  7. light a candle.
  8. get together with friends.
  9. be good to your body.
  10. try coloring with your non dominant hand.

As you move through your internal life remember, it’s OK to get good at being good to yourself.



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