Thoughtful Thursdays #138 – Healers


I met a young lady the other day who is a fantastic artist, empathetic and intelligent.  She already has a degree in psychology and is now going to nursing school. I suggested she become an Art Therapist because she has the appropriate background or art and psychology. I was excited to see that she would be a perfect fit for the job of a healer.

Alas it went in one ear and out the other. I don’t know why but I think she is looking to make her family happy and not herself.

We are all on the same journey of healing ourselves from living someone else’s wishes for us. Albeit they may be good wishes or bad wishes but are these decisions authentic for who we are?

If you have a nagging feeling that the life you created is not what you really want then healing is necessary. Heal yourself by eliminating what you don’t need. Start short shifts in your thinking and actions. Know that it may not be clear to you at the moment where this healing will lead, but trust that you can handle it. Get quiet and hear your higher self.

You are the best healer in your own life. No one else’s opinion or approval matters. Just yours.

Heal Away……………..

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