Thoughtful Thursdays #135 – Defiance


When I was young I was never allowed to have an opinion or speak up. I carried that belief for a long time. As I got older I got better and better at defying that belief. There have been many times I have had the opportunity to speak up on many issues of injustice.

My suggestion for you today is to defy those inner beliefs that hold you back, are not helpful, or down right dangerous and painful.

You owe it to yourself to be defiant and take back your true self. You are worth every ounce of effort to stick up for what makes you who you are.

Be defiant to the point of selfishness because life has a way of distracting. Keep going back to being defiant. With time you will eventually stay true to who you are meant to be, not someones else’s opinion of who you are supposed to be.

In case no one told you: It’s OK to be yourself.

Happy Living.


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