Thoughtful Thursdays #108 – Time


How often do we complain about not having enough time? I do it all the time. No pun intended. However, There is the same amount of time every day, the same twenty four hours again and again.

Maybe the issue is not time but distractions. I get redirected by chores, mini and maxi crisis, unexpected detours in my plans, becoming too tired to continue, making time for others and a million and one extra steps in the dance of my day.

The struggle to do the things that are necessary for me and distractions is a contant juggling act. My life feels like a circus act.

When these distractions happen I pick a time that is for me. I handle whatever needs to be handled and move my actions to the time I picked for myself.

It’s not easy but it works every time.

Pick time for what is important for you. No one else will. Carry On.

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