Thoughtful Thurdays # 107 – Curiosity


Curiosity Killed the Cat

But Satisfaction Brought Him Back


I love curiosity. Where would humanity be without it. Back in the stone age I would guess.

Curiosity is  a gift, a magical and logical way to solve problems.

Curiosity is creative thinking and the answer to most questions.

Aren’t you curious about why your life is the way it is?

Aren’t you curious about how things work, how mankind evolved orfinding answers to your own burning questions?

This is a free talent we are born with. Use it. It is where you will find your path and answers to your own personal questions.

Curiosity is how you change your personal world and the world at large.

Your curiosity is important. Because you are curious you unwittingly add to the evolution of the world.

Be curious and never let anyone stop you.



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