Medicine Buddha Invocation


Great Middle Way

I prostrate to the King of Peaceful Radiance, the Master of Healing, the Perfectly Awakened! You benefit all living beings, protect us from the miseries of inferior realms, and dispel the three poisons and their resultant ailments by the power of your Name. I pray to the Supreme Healer, victorious over the three poisons! 

You hold in your right hand a stem of myrobalan, the antidote to all physical ailments, and in your left hand a bowl of nectar to purify the mind. The rays emanating from your body penetrate all directions of cyclic existence to bless and cure all sentient beings of physical and mental disorders, and dispel negative karma. 

For all beings, may your Name, the nectar of all healing, always be on our lips! May it subdue the four hundred and four diseases caused by physical imbalances. May it also subdue the one thousand…

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