Thoughtful Thursdays # 57 Food and Memories


Food and all its smell, texture, taste and visual appeal can remind us of good times. As a kid I loved when my neighbor Leone made Spanish rice and beans with a salad. My mother would reciprocate by making an Italian dish.

Often we shared these dishes and good times. Being at Leone’s made me happy. As I got older I learned how to cook the same Spanish rice and beans and I am reminded of a happy time with good conversation and delicious tastes.

To this day I can make my mother’s chicken noodle soup and soup with  escarole and  white beans.

She inspired my love of soups. Over the years I have made many types of soup and I have gotten really good at making them.

What are some of your happiest memories around food?

Did you hear family stories around the table?

Do you remember any of the stories?

What is your favorite food? Why?

Do you crave those foods often?

Can you cook those same foods you had as a child?

Explore the magic of conversation and good food because the memories last a lifetime.

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