Crisis and Benefit


Sorry for the long silence but I had crisis after crisis.  What I mean buy that is my computer, cell phone and car all broke down at the same time.

Other garden variety problems came up too. Like my attitude towards the things I could not control. I began to get so stressed and unhappy I was a walking basket of negativity. It started with negative self talk of put downs and a pity party. Poor Me, Why Me, etc.

When I realized I was just adding to my own misery I stopped and started looking for what was good and what action I could take.

First, after putting the car in the shop the mechanic told me it was the recently replaced alternator that was under warranty which was replaced at no charge.

Second, my friend rebuilt my computer tower for less than two hundred dollars.

Third, my cell phone is being replaced.

After I calmed down and took one tiny action instead of hiding from each crisis all worked out fine.  And that is good.

So what’s the take away here. Keep moving, don’t isolate, any action is the right action.

Phew, glad it’s over.

Has a crisis hit you lately? Good. Don’t hide from any thing that challenges you because you are  strong and clever enough to sail through it. Keep going you will make it.






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