Thoughtful Thursdays #20


There are many kinds of Creativity. Here are just a few. Give your own Creativity a try today.

1. Creativity heals broken minds. Read up on Creative Arts Therapy.
2. Tell a story you need to hear.
3. Paint a picture in your own style.
4. Boil a tasty soup to warm your insides.
5. Sew up some brand new pretty clothes.
6. Crochet a cozy blanket.
7. Take lots of pictures with your camera or cell phone.
8. Write your life story.
9. Learn a musical instrument, even if it’s a recorder. (Remember those?)
10. Some sturdy string and beads will make a simple bracelet or ring.
11. Try a new recipe.

There are countless ways to be creative. Find one thing that makes you happy and do it. You will gain confidence and be proud of yourself. Any creative activity will strengthen your brain and help you improve your problem solving ability. Go ahead, give it a try.

Happy creating.

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